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So far, I’m right on schedule!

Years ago I had a website called Dr. Bristol’s Musical Prescription where I posted my rants and raves about pop culture (mostly music) and linked to articles I wrote for other sites. I got too busy to maintain it regularly, then the hosting company sold out and I lost a ton of (un-archived) material and eventually I gave up on it. But you can’t keep a good man down (for more than a decade), so as I shed my Luddite garb in January 2009, I decree that it’s Blog Time. Why? Well, as someone who has freelanced over the past decade, I guess I’m tired of watching print magazines crash and burn and the number of viable writing outlets slow to a crawl. I also promised myself that I would write more regularly even when it is inconvenient (like today), so I’m hoping this will force my hand. For now I’m just trying to feel out the format and design before I paint myself into a corner. If you want the longer explanation, check out the credo

So thanks for stopping by today, and please come back on occasion. Like love in the 60s…it’s free, man!

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