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No Fun

Ron Asheton, guitarist/bassist for seminal punkers The Stooges was found dead in his home today, apparently of a heart attack, with the cause and actual date of his death still pending. Sad news as another trailblazer leaves this mortal coil.

My Three Stooges

My Three Stooges

Besides being an original riffmonster for one of the greatest rock bands to ever storm the planet, Asheton was also famous for having some…um…”quirks”. Whether you thought his flagrant display of Nazi memorabilia reflected an idiot savant approach to world history or a complete disregard for the horrific events of Hitler’s insanity, it certainly made Iggy seem tame by comparison. Not that being in The Stooges during their heyday didn’t take piedras grandes in the first place. Hard to believe he was 60, but that’s probably because Iggy is so ripped and animated you forget that he is as well.

Your prescription: Take four Stooges albums, play loud, and do not call me in the morning.

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