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Predictions? We Don’t Need No Stinking Predictions!

Well, I was 0-2 for football today, even watching my beloved Titans give their game away (with a little help from a 32 second long 30 second clock, but I digress…). So far that’s a pitiful 2-4 for the NFL postseason. Guess my “pick ’em” informercial is going to die like an orchid in a glove compartment. Not that that ever happened to me.

So I guess I’ll try my hand at the Golden Globes. well, I’m really picking what I think that small group of easily wavered, gossip rag reading, red carpet ass kissers will do. Hell, half the categories don’t even have my picks among the nominations. But I’ll deal with that tomorrow. So on with the beret or fez or whatever these sycophants wear, and here goes

Globe nominees and my picks here

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