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Who Will Win And Why They Will

The Golden Globes are odd…everyone makes a big deal about them even though it’s a tiny organization of voters generating all the heat, Oscar-buzz and advertising dollars. There are under 100 members, many aren’t even full time writers, and they once gave an award to Pia Zadora the week after her rich husband coincidentally had a segment of the voting board come over for a week long party. They’re suck-ups, cat-fighters, gossip-mongers and probably would trade their credentials for dinner and a ride home from their favorite star. Not that I wouldn’t accept the invite if asked.

So again, I’m not listing my favorites but trying to guess who the HFPA selected and why (the full list of nominees including my predictions are in yesterday’s post). Most of my selections weren’t even nominated, but I’ll save that “overlooked” column until after the Oscars.


"Why... so...serious?"

"Why... so...serious?"

Best Motion Picture – Drama
First category should tip you off that paparazzi…err, I mean foreign jornalists tend to fawn over their favorite stars regardless of the projects. I doubt you’ll see Milk excluded from the Oscars in place of two Kate Winslet features. But I think Slumdog will lose by a Button.

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
Normally I would think The Woodman would sway the crowd, but this year I will go out on a limb and predict the HFPA goes Abba crazy.

continue to see how wrong I was here

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