NEW ALBUM! Kyle Vincent: Where You Are (2009)


Sadly, there’s not a massive commercial format beating the bushes for delicate, layered pop songs, but that won’t stop Kyle Vincent, the former lead singer from teen heartthrob band Candy. Vincent has successfully “damned the torpedoes” for years, forging a successful solo career while also leveraging stints as Barry Manilow’s opening act and the lead singer for the Bay City Rollers. If you count them all, Where You Are is his tenth solo record, and if you’re familiar with Kyle’s gorgeous voice and chamber pop catalogue, your wallet is probably already out of your pocket.

Vincent’s love of 70s AM pop radio is evident in his arrangements; they’re lush but uncluttered, allowing his impeccable voice to land front and center.  He’s also handy with a hook and immediately tapped into the Jellyfish fan within me with the leadoff track “It’s Gonna Be a Great Day”. But although the rest of Where You Are is filled with pretty mid-tempo songs about love, nature and human relationships, they do lock onto that same aural target and stay there.

Perhaps this is a perfect Sunday afternoon soundtrack for someone, a soft radio station playing a melodic Bread track followed by an pensive Eric Carmen ballad and an Air Supply hit…music to daydream with and think by. Nothing wrong with that. But while I also appreciate the craft and beauty, I do wish there were something as electric as his old hit “Wake Me Up (When the World’s Worth Waking Up For)” that would jump out of the speakers and demand my attention during the ride. Your mileage may vary, of course.

If you’re a Kyle Vincent fan, you’re going to love this record, period. And if you’re not familiar with the man, please reward yourself and give him a listen. There aren’t many prettier pop voices out there.



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3 responses to “NEW ALBUM! Kyle Vincent: Where You Are (2009)

  1. Doctor,
    I wanted to thank you for the kind words about my new album. You have great taste in music, so it means that much more to me that you found some things you liked on it.

    I’ll work on electrifying my world a bit more next time!


  2. Jayna

    The lead singer of the Bay City Rollers? Not true. Where did you get that one? They only had two in the prime. And Kyle Vincent wasn’t one of them.

  3. drbristol

    I didn’t say he was one of their original lead singers – he “leveraged a stint” as their lead singer earlier this decade. Here’s proof:

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