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Under The Radar: Time Again


Time Again: Darker Days

HellCat Records
Darker Days is thirty minutes of non-stop adreneline, with Oren Soffer’s machine-gun basslines making you feel like you’re hearing Black Sabbath records played at the wrong speed. How drummer Ryan Purucker and guitarist Elijah Reyes don’t burst into flames trying to keep up is a mystery. With barely a breath between songs, Time Again rips through a mosh-pit platter of anthems like the Clash lighting the Pogues catalogue on fire.

Daniel Dart’s raspy, shouting vocals aren’t any different than you’ll find in most decent street punk bands, but much like Social Distortion and the Dropkick Murphys, the magic is in the attitude – Dart compels you to listen. Although red-hot anger is one way of making a point, (“You’re Going Down”), Time Again is much more effective when they drape their anthems with a big hook and chant-along chorus. “Soon It Will Be”, “One Way Or Another”, “Outcast” and “TvStatic” are very impressive tracks, considering this album that was completed start-to-finish in six days. And on the seventh day, I doubt these guys rested.

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