Life On Mars: Dead On Earth

Apparently there's no intelligent life here on least at ABC-TV.

Apparently there's no intelligent life here on least at ABC-TV.

I knew it was too good to be true. Great cast, good remake of an outstanding Brit series, an oasis of good television (and phenomenal music) in an ocean of reality dreck. Line Life On Mars up alongside E Z Streets, Thief, The Riches and several other solid shows nipped way, way too early. What has happened to a broad spectrum of entertainment when a show this good gets clipped and According To Jim lives on? Thankfully Homicide and Hill Street Blues ran in a different era; had these shows begun today they never would have seen season two.

I thought the lead-in from Lost would have helped, but even that show is struggling this year. But it’s hard to believe that with the DVR market penetration, this wasn’t at least an burn-and-watch program. And sure, it’s a frightening economy with bailing sponsors, but if shows like this can’t make it, why should we even bother getting invested in the next one they hype? Many people have already bailed on TV, and I’m beginning to wonder why I bother. If it wasn’t for basic cable (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, the majority of the fX lineup) I probably would.

The ABC network statement claims that they will air the final few episodes and add a wrap-up episode to bring the show to a logical conclusion. Right…and I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.  I now fear for Fringe…

So here’s to Jason O’Mara, Michael Imperioli, Gretchen Mol, Harvey Keitel, Jonathan Murphy, Dominick Mancino, John Cenatiempo, Chris Miskiewicz, Tom Stratford, Matthew Cowles, and Tanya Fischer. Good show, mates!



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5 responses to “Life On Mars: Dead On Earth

  1. Rosie

    It must be a relief that “LOST” will continue for another season. Or not.

  2. Rebecca

    I find it interesting that when you think about it, despite being cancelled, the American version will have had more episodes than the original, which was only 16 episodes total. Sometimes I think it’s almost better for shows to go off the air at the top of their game rather than dragging on too long.

  3. drbristol

    True, Rebecca…but Ashes To Ashes is the Brit’s LOM sequel, so in theory the concept lives on. I agree that some shows should have a finite shelf life, but if you have that rare beast, make it a mini-series or limited series. Had they said at the outset that LOM was a one year deal, I’d be fine with that. What bothers me is when the shows don’t get the opportunity to wrap up loose ends. Hopefully ABC keeps its word and finishes the year with closure – and not on some unannounced Saturday night or in webisodes!

  4. drbristol

    Rosie, I like the deal that the LOST creators cut – give us a finite number and let us turn the cards over on schedule. It seems to be working, conceptually if not with viewer numbers – the pace has picked up this season.

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