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Under The Radar: Muck and the Mires


Anytime I can get an IPO shirt and Manitoba's in the same pic, I'm doing it

Anytime I can get an IPO shirt and Manitoba's in the same pic, I'm doing it

I try to stay on top of upcoming release lists, which is harder and harder to do since most bands I’m curious about are not on the major label circuit. Of course, this makes it easy to be out of sight, out of mind, as there are only so many Post-It notes I can slap on a wall. Of course, most of the projected release dates slip anyway, especially in this dodgy economy, so sometimes I find myself stumbling upon a band name during some tangent and click towards their site with great anticipation…and mixed results.

Sometimes I am floored that one slipped by me (like the third E.I.E.I.O. album!!), but often times I find that the release date has shifted, or the scheduled date has quietly passed by with no update. Such is the case with the upcoming album Hypnotic from Muck and The Mires, which hopefully will see the light of day this year. Originally set to be released by the band, it then was slated for Dirty Water Records and indeed might still come out under that moniker via Get Hip Records here in the US.

There’s been a lot of acclaim for the band, from winning an Underground Garage competition on Little Steven’s show to opening the stage for the New York Dolls at SXSW. Yet, criminally, they’re still under the radar…


Great record - you can count on it.

Great record - you can count on it.

MUCK AND THE MIRES: 1-2-3-4 (Dionysius) 

Looking for the bastard son of The Sonics and The Beatles? Look no further, as Boston’s Muck and the Mires once again birth a platter that channels the energy of the former and the song craft of the latter. My god, this is what rock’n’roll music is supposed to be! Great growling vocals, snapping drums, walking bass lines and ringing guitars; it’s a sixties band with 21st century chops and production values. Twelve tracks that clock in under twenty-five minutes and in a better world there would be six hit singles here, at least.

The lone cover, “(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet” is played with as much spirit and reverence as the originals. Their other albums are solid as well, but on 1-2-3-4 they’ve nailed the clarity and sonic balance that puts these songs in their best light. Evan Shore (“Muck”) should be a star, and hopefully by the time you read this, he will be. Buy this and make people listen!

(original album review written for Pop Culture Press)

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