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NEW ALBUM! Mike Gent: The Name of This Record Is Mike Gent

Gentleman Figg.

Gentleman Figg.

 Mike Gent is a busy man.

A new Figgs album is imminent and he just dropped another solo record. (You can read my review of  the new album at BLURT ONLINE.)

Someday there might be an Under The Radar column about The Figgs, who quietly release one strong rock record after another. Along with Pete Donnelly and Pete Hayes (and at times, Guy Lyons), they have somehow evaded the public spotlight despite being solid performers and songwriters, even after recoring a blistering live album with Graham Parker. Parker has taken a shine to Mike individually as well, since even when not using the full Figgs complement he has sometimes hit the clubs with Gent in tow. (Graham Parker with The Figgs was magic – you shouldn’t be without The Last Rock’n’Roll Tour or 103 Degrees in June – Live in Chicago.)

And Mike’s other band, The Gentlemen, rock with a similar Stones/Faces/Springsteen sound, an honest, earnest rock’n’roll that seems to be missing from too many records these days. They’re probably due for a new one too. Check out an MP3 of “Velvet Rope” from Brass City Band (other clips available on same page).

In short…we need more guys like Mike Gent making more records like these.

Here’s a treat…The Figgs covering The Small FacesSong of a Baker” and “The Loner” by Neil Young.

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