Under The Radar: The La La Lies

Dutch Treat - one less "la" than the Who song

Dutch Treat - and yes, one less "la" than the Who song...

I usually use my Under The Radar feature to talk about artists and albums that are not getting the attention they deserve. My friend Noel turned me on to a new band today, and although they don’t yet have an album, they did release two tracks and a video on their site, so technically I’m within my boundaries.

Witness The La La Lies

Lies” is a killer track – that bass line grabbed me immediately and didn’t let go, and the song sounds like The Hives finally went full retro and blended Small Faces, Humble Pie and Motown together before squeezing it through their filter. Totally kinetic 70’s sound with a great stop-and-start verses, tasty duel between the wah-wah pedal and vocal, a classic fade-out, and just enough cowbell.

Turn Up The Music (and Dance) is mid-tempo by comparison, although it still has a driving, pulsating beat. The guitar tone and vocal immediately reminded me of two of my favorite 80s bands,  Green On Red and The Del Lords. An instrumental opening like that with chiming chords, snapping drum and subtle organ always gets my attention – think Tom Petty‘s  “Refugee“.

I’m not proclaiming anyone a great band based upon two tracks, but I know I’m bookmarking these guys to see what they do next. Hopefully you’ll hear them pumping out of radio shows like Little Steven’s Underground Garage sometime soon. Here’s their website  so you can download both tracks and do the same.

Radar is now locked on.


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