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Stand Up Wit… Matt Davis


"Matt, wait a minute...how do you bang a toaster?"

"Matt, wait a minute...how do you bang a toaster?"

This debut CD from Matt Davis is a little different than what most people expect from a comedy album. Rather than competently sailing through a highly polished routine, Davis quickly realizes that a good portion of the Myrtle Beach audience must have started drinking heavily at happy hour, if not way earlier. (Loud cackling woman, you know who you are…). So while he probably had far more material in his hip pocket to sling out there, on this particular night it was just that much more fun to play parts of the audience off each other. When you’re fast on your feet – and Matt Davis is – that’s always a good choice.

Although Davis is not yet 30 he’s got over a decade of stand-up under his belt. The Alabama native describes his thought process as an “off track train of thought” and hits the stage with a “nothing is sacred” mantra. But that’s more than a catchphrase; he also hosts a Sin Showcase (“not for the ever offended“) where a revolving list of comics tackle taboo subjects with full frontal comedy. And if that’s not enough, in addition to strong improv skills he’s proven that he’s not above winging it if necessary.

Those looking for the standard comedy CD may lose patience with Illegal, On Time & Aroused, but if you can appreciate a comic walking the tightrope, warts and all, I think you’ll enjoy this a lot. He gets his feet wet with a few standard jabs on race, gender and nationality – easy targets to divide and conquer with – but once the “characters” are introduced he deftly weaves in some callbacks among the improv – it’s almost as if the standard jokes are the filler because the crowd is ripe for the attack. (Well, except for that obnoxiously loud cackling woman; someone should have shoved a breadstick in her piehole.)

At the end of the CD there are a few additional bits not from the same show. The first three are decent riffs and jokes, but the fourth – where David absolutely disembowels a drunk heckler – might just be the funniest thing on the album. Bonus: You can see the video from that encounter here. (“Your people? Your people won’t even make eye contact with you!”)

Hear some clips, then buy Matt’s album at CD BABY or Amazon. Really, use the links. You don’t want to Google “illegal” and “aroused” at the same time.

Matt from 2007 on pirates is this man ahead of his time, or what?

Visit Matt’s website for more info, clips and news, including tour dates.

Matt’s MySpace site.

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