Under The Radar: Thee Fine Lines


Perfecting the "two minute drill".

Perfecting the "two minute drill".

Led by the bespectacled Kearbey brothers, Thee Fine Lines‘ sophomore effort is…well…sophomoric in the best sense of the word. Drawing from the well of both The Kinks (the hooks on the poppier songs) and The Kingsmen (the overall sound), the fourteen tracks are in and out quicker than a high school lover. Ten of them clock in at 2:05 or shorter, so if you don’t like a song, it’s gone before you know it.

All in all, a fun disc (“Midnight’s Fine” is the lone clunker) if you can get past the extreme lo-fi production, but if you like Billy Childish or garage pop in general you probably don’t care about that anyway. I swear guitarist Justin didn’t touch the tone knobs during the entire recording session but at least he picked an appealing and trashy sound to live by. You can pick up  a copy of Set You Straight from Licorice Tree Records.

The band’s official MySpace page. You can also order product from their Wee Rock Records page.

Thee Fine Lines videos from Lemmons, Brooklyn and Charlottesville. Quality not the best, and the clips are understandably short, but you can tell they rock the house live. Maybe a live CD, guys?

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