I just got through another round of mixtape exchanges recently; this one (SOTT a/k/a Son Of Tape Tree) started out as a quarterly cassette swap years ago, but has recently been more of a semi-annual affair. Might have been fifteen or twenty people the first time around, this latest run was thirty-five…I think there are only two of us who have been participants in every round.

The music, as always, is eclectic and varied, but most of the entries feature artwork that has only gotten more majestic over the years. Being able to burn CDs in a few nanoseconds instead of forty minutes per cassette (at blinding double-speed!) has made the process effortless. For those of us who make these puppies with great care, it gives us more time to focus on the music. A great mix is like your personal radio station, great music but it needs to flow. That’s where most people blow it.

But I digress…which is my segue into today’s topic – online mixes. There are tons of sites posting old vinyl to CDR/MP3 (I have a couple of favorites in my Blogroll) and occasionally they will get creative enough to offer a personal collection of themed music. My two favorite genres are powerpop and garage, so I thought I’d give some props to a couple of sites that feature ones I am currently enjoying.

Crawling to the wreckage

Crawling to the wreckage

Three volumes of great power pop singles as well as some cool garage collections. I can’t print the name of the website here, but it rhymes with muck the fummies.

My buddy Angelo at Power Pop Criminals has made a ton of out-of-print pop vinyl available as MP3 rips, but he also has a knack (no pun intended) for making great Beatles tributes like this one and this other one. More to be found if you search. And he makes great powerpop comps, too.

Doesn’t matter how tuned you are to the garage scene, if you grab a garage comp, there are almost always bands you have never heard of. Some very cool garage comps can be downloaded here and  here.

"Mixdisc" just doesn't have the same ring to it...

"Mixdisc" doesn't have the same ring to it...

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