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T.G.I.F. – Ten Laughs

More great clips from ten comics you might not know about; off the top of my head I don’t believe any of them even have a comedy album available. But you’ll probably recognize a few faces – Rick Overton is a longtime favorite, fans of The Daily Show know Wyatt Cenac, and Steve Agee (with Brian Posehn) plays Sarah Silverman‘s gay neighbor.

If you enjoy stand-up comedy, Effin Funny is a freaking goldmine. Here’s a great head start…


Eric Price: I Love The ’80s

Matt Knudsen: Pickup Truck Confessions

T J Miller: Drawing Dicks on Faces

Wyatt Cenac: The Minority Battle

Rick Mitchell: Christian Fish

Nikki Glaser: Thinking About Abortion

Steve Agee: Grossest Story Ever

Dan Mintz: Food

Dwayne Perkins: Racist Kramer

Rick Overton: We’re Just Mammals

Life is short – laugh every day.

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