NEW ALBUM! King Khan and the Shrines

What is? THIS is!

What is? THIS is!

 What Is King Khan? Drop Sly Stone, James Brown, Ike and Tina Turner, The J. Geils Band and Love into a Waring Blender and hit puree – you’ll get a small taste of the manic energy and rock extravaganza known as King Khan and The Shrines.

The band is exploding after several dynamic showcase and festival appearances, but King Khan has been around for several years working in different configurations like The Spaceshits and King Khan & BBQ Show (with Mark Sultan).

What Is isn’t technically a new album; the original version came out in 2007. But as they say on TV, it’s new to you. Read my review of What Is? in Blurt Magazine.

What is? HE is!

What is? HE is!

Jello Biafra introduces the band before they kick into “No Regrets” in full glaiator madness. And then the same song again strripped down for an in-store appearance – and it still rocks!

Homeboy page and Vice Records link.


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2 responses to “NEW ALBUM! King Khan and the Shrines

  1. Ramrod Marconi

    Sounds like a lost Nuggets compilation…a little black beauty you put in your ear instead of your mouth. Roar. Nice prescription doctor.

  2. Jim

    thanks for the update on the new album, hopefully the concert comes up soon for tickets.

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