NEW ALBUM! The Datsuns

Calm down, gebts - that's not what you think it means.

Easy, gents - that doesn't mean what you think.

Fourth album from the New Zealand rockers, and thank god some of the young pups are breathing some fire into their rock’n’roll. Earlier this decade they shot out of a cannon with their debut record, caught up in the feeding frenzy when Jet, The Hives, The Strokes and The White Stripes and other similar bands managed to infuse hard rock with garage chops and punk attitude and whet the appetites of the labels. With Led Zep’s John Paul Jones at the knobs for the followup, everyone expected worldwide domination.


Sophomore slump be damned…Outta Sight Outta Mind wasn’t a bad record but seemed to douse whatever flames were lit beforehand. Soaked badly enough that their third album (Smoke &Mirrors) didn’t even register – many people thought they were two and done. So I guess this time around The Datsuns figured they’d torch the place.

Read my review of Headstunts in Blurt Magazine.

Wikipedia entry for The Datsuns.

Yeah Yeah, Just Another Mistake“, live in March 2009.

No way this song gets on morning radio. But props for covering The Ramones.

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