You Are What You Is (Or Will Be)

Maybe I was invited to speak at a commencement this weekend. Maybe I wasn’t. But here’s some sage advice, even if you weren’t lucky enough to attend the graduation where I may or may not have been the commencement speaker…

Dr. Bristol in his native habitat

Life is a challenge. For example, when you have a face made for radio, sometimes even thatisn’t enough. You need the right tools. The guy above has the initiative, the cool staff shirt, some tasteful neck-bling and even the perfect shag haircut.

But budget improprieties led to disaster. Unable to afford the proper equipment, this cabal of low budget pirates wound up hotwiring two alarm clocks and a clock radio to a turntable equipped with tin can transmitters for a makeshift radio station. The lack of a proper stacking spindle on the turntable led to albums being played in an oval, rather than circular pattern. Chaos ensued, although the well-meaning young man refused to be sidetracked by the comedy of errors. He had passion. He would not quit.

So what can we learn from this, young grasshopper?

Sugar Magnolia


For every artist there is an audience. Create, and you will be heard!

(Okay…in real life it was just a goofy photo shoot; our heroes really wound up working at a brilliant alternative music rag that enjoyed a short but sweet life. The work led to new challenges…the friendships remain decades later …and the memories – well, they’re priceless. All because someone decided to take a chance…)

In crime drama,  mysteries and political thrillers, follow the money.

In life, follow your dreams.

Congratulations, graduates. Find your passion and go for it with all your heart.


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2 responses to “You Are What You Is (Or Will Be)

  1. Larry Beer

    I lovingly remember the National Rag! Where’s Russ D these days?

  2. drbristol

    That suave Shaun Cassidy doppelgänger? Check the comments on the Dec 24th post.

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