T.G.I.F. – Ten More Clips

This week’s group of command performances spotlights the Rooftop Comedy site. The main page offers an ever-changing list of hot video clips, but you can also use the exhaustive directory to find clips from hundreds of comics. They people at Rooftop have assembled a pretty amazing collection of videos from well-known favorites as well as great up-and-comers.

Take a chance on some random names…you won’t like everything but you may discover some who will become favorites. Here are some short and sweet smiles for this week…

comedy mask

Eddie Ifft – “Swine Flu vs. AIDS

Jay Davis – “Naming Hurricanes

Mike Vecchione – “Freudian Fantasy

Kivi Rodgers – “Man was designed to masturbate

Gary Gulman – “Tarmac Survivors

Robert Hawkins – “Redheads Unite

Dana Gould – “Racist Dad

Vic Henley – “Elvis is Dead, Right?”

Larry Reeb – “Moron Tax

Jasper Redd – “Road Rage

And Featuring Three Not Secret Not Hidden Bonus Tracks!

Tight 5ive interviews with…

Eugene Mirman

Robert Schimmel

Marc Maron

Life is short – laugh every day!

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