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Stand Up Wit…Chad Daniels

"And if they can put wings on pigs...lots of pretty girls from college owe me sex."

"And if they can put wings on pigs...lots of pretty girls from college owe me sex."

Like most observational humorists, Minneapolis comic Chad Daniels has some great questions. Why do we let fat people use wheelchairs and handicap spaces when they’d benefit the most from walking the greatest distance? If a kid learns most between the ages of one and five…is it time to cut bait with your slow three year-old? And why do religious zealots only seem to know the parts of the Bible that can be best taken out of context – can’t the rest of us play that game?

Chad’s got some big plans, too, like protecting Social Security by ridding the Earth of the useless and the elderly, including a unique coupon program (and yes, there are dividends for saving them). ..evening the score with children (and the obnoxious sect of the mentally challenged)… and taking those who preen superiority down a peg. Let’s face it – Chad has a chip on his shoulder, and it probably started when he realied his name was Chad Daniels, which no doubt endeared him immediately to both preppies and cracker bourbon drinkers.

He’s got great pacing and cadence, and like Dave Attell can use his voice to drip sarcasm without being obnoxious; you’re always on his side no matter how far he goes. His material uses some pretty structured topics as a framework but he’s woven it together with just enough callbacks that it sounds sufficiently off-the-cuff (although having heard him elsewhere it’s a pretty tight set). Remarkably, despite the topics, it’s a pretty clean set – with a few changes he could do this almost verbatim on network television – yet it’s consistently funny.

Basically, he’s a wise ass. He probably won’t draw a penis on your forehead when you pass out, but short of that you’re on your own. As his audience, however, we’re already on his team…probably apologizing for him, two steps behind. Or staring, slack-jawed, as he high fives his kid after creatively using “the gross pillow”. (Trust me).

Busy Being Awesome is his second CD and available on Stand-Up Records, recorded in 2007  and released in 2008. You’ve probably caught Daniels on the talk show circuit or Comedy Central, but if you haven’t caught him in a club perhaps this CD might have slipped by without notice. Correct that mistake now. Really funny stuff; highly recommended.

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