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He Said, She Said

Ahh, but what if she can't read it?

Ahh, but what if she can't read?

I’m not going to mention her name. That’s what she wants people to do.

I won’t even mention his name. His network is milking that end of it, too.

Someone famous for making risque jokes made one, which should surprise no one, because that’s what he does best.

Someone else took the opportunity to launch herself back into the news by making a big deal about it because…well, that’s what she does best.

Obviously the joke he told was not meant to be taken as a literal call to action. But despite an explanation that anyone could understand – except the dimwitted she continues to seek the limelight as the victim.

You’re not the victim, sweetheart.

I am.

Go away.  Get off my TV, get out of my newspaper, don’t clog up my browser.

You are now on your sixteenth Warhol minute.

Fifteen minutes was fifteen too many.

warhol 15

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