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Stand Up Wit…Adam Ferrara

funny as hell 

Adam Ferrara has a new DVD called Funny As Hell, which is an appropriate title for the project and the man.

Adam’s stock in trade is the amiable wiseass; most of his routines center on dysfunctional families, ineptitude with the women and the ridiculous nature of machismo, even though he usually reports that last one from the inside. He’s fairly conventional and old school in his style, which is a refreshing alternative to…well, alternative comics.

Humor is mined from his Italian-American heritage, and neighborhood humor is pretty timeless for most people. Everyone has an uncle or cousin who makes a fool out of himself, a wisened aunt or grandmother, and no kid goes through life without witnessing a family member saying something wildly inappropriate and laughing in secret. Although he’s liberal with faces and physical gestures, it’s not schtick…watching Adam work is like having your funny friend tell you some great stories over a beer…except this friend is a lot better at it and has been for a long time.

Adam, like many comedians, is also a good actor. He was always funny on The Job, where he seemed to be playing a thinly disguised version of himself, but Denis Leary is wisely letting him stretch a bit on Rescue Me.

 Funny As Hell is available from Image Entertainment and Amazon.

Here’s Adam’s website.

Adam is also offering a free copy of his first audio CD, Have Some.

Rescue Me website on FX.

The Unholy Three

The Unholy Three

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