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Six Month Checkpoint

Seems like only yesterday that I started this exercise; hard to believe that six months are now in the books. Thanks for all the emails, comments and virtual high-fives, and a special thanks to the artists and labels who have submitted material for me to ingest and discuss. I’ve got a bit of a backlog of reviews to get up online, so I’m looking forward to a couple of off-days this weekend to hit the keyboard and get caught up. I’ll also be getting some confirmation on what is going into the magazines I write for, so if something doesn’t make the cut I can offer it here. 

Rest assured that I am trying to get through everything as quickly as possible while still allowing enough time to gain a proper perspective on the material. I’ve got some tremendous new albums and comedy CDs in the queue. I’m also almost ready to complete a feature article I’m very excited about, and I thank comedian Darren Frost for his patience. I think you’ll agree with me that he is a rare talent – irreverant but hilariously funny, and totally fearless.

Writing this blog/magazine doesn’t pay the bills;  nor is my goal to earn money or sell advertising. I do make an effort to add content daily, and I’m trying to remain true to my initial vision: write every day, write about what impacts me, spread the word about great pop culture and artists.

So thanks again to you for stopping by, and I hope you continue to do so for the next six months and beyond.

It's not always easy to get the word out, but I've always tried my best.

It's wasn't always easy to get the word out, but I've always tried my best. Thanks for the Internet, Al Gore!

I’ve resisted Twitter to date, mostly because I’ve seen how annoying it can be to receive critical information like “I’m having a sandwich” and “damn…looks like it might rain“, but I guess that would be up to me to control. I probably will launch it just so I can send an update when a new feature is online, although I suspect a feed might do that trick just as effectively (I’m experimenting with feeds offline). Until then, I hope you’ll continue to bookmark the site and pop in daily.

I don’t want to lock myself into a format, but I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback for the TGIF columns, so I will continue to alternate between comedy and music links to kick off each weekend. And the New Album, Under The Radar and Blast From The Past features will continue to stagger as appropriate; hopefully you’ll discover some new favorites or be encouraged to dust something off from your collection and enjoy it.

Six months, 183 posts, and I haven’t even had a Red Bull yet!

See you again tomorrow and every day thereafter.


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