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Spreading The Chaos

and East...and South...and North...

and East...and South...and North...

With apologies to James Brown, perhaps the hardest working man in show business over the last fifteen years has really been Adam Marsland. A veteran of the LA pop scene and the driving force behind Cockeyed Ghost and later Adam Marsland’s Chaos Band, he grew weary of all the deception and bullshit and false promises from labels and agents and managers and figured he’d do it himself. And when I say D.I.Y., I mean it – it started with couches and floors and car seats and the kindness of strangers and a “can do” attitude that would not quit. And then he delivered what he promised.

Over the years he built a nice little circuit for himself, was performing living room shows before they became commonplace, and still found time to write, produce and record great music, both with his own bands and in the company of some famous musicians.

Now there’s a new double album, and a new tour, and despite the down economy he’s out there doing it again. I’m not his publicist or manager, I just respect the hell out of the guy’s work ethic and figured I’d pass the word. (I’ll review the album later this Summer)

Lots of dates in the books, but some holes to fill, so why not check out the music at the links below and contact him if you have any ideas? There’s got to be some clubs who need a kick in the ass, a living room that needs some fun or a band that needs someone to share a night with?

Grassroots rock’n’roll, people. Gotta love it!

New song:  “When I Lied To Everyone“.

Adam’s main website – a ton of information.

Tour dates and sound clips on MySpace.

Check out some product on Amazon – the greatest hits is a steal!

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