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T.G.I.F. – Catharsis

Sometimes the best laughter – like the best music – comes after experiencing pain. And there are some artists who are very adept at expressing both. It’s nakedly honest, and frankly it can be uncomfortable to watch someone try to wallow through their own emotional cleansing if they are just looking for sympathy. But when they add venting? Ahhh…now we’re talking.

Last week I promised you more Marc Maron, a brilliant practicioner of the art of catharsis. You’re welcome.

marc maron pic

Reminiscing about his inner demon.

Having a woman around to keep you down.

Support those who drive around high.

…and those who need to get high to do their job.

Addressing The Class of 2009

The Patriot Act

Appreciating Chinese Food

Moses and Drugs (with Greg Proops)

Cracker Night Highlights, Part One

Cracker Night Highlights, Part Two

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