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Captain Yankee

Those Were The Days

Those Were The Days

I don’t talk about sports often on this blog – I write about my favorite baseball team here – but today is the thirtieth anniversary of one of the saddest days in N.Y. Yankees history. I’m not even a Yankee fan, but the baseball world as a whole was devastated when the news of this accident broke out.

I’m still a baseball fan but am so sick of steroids, announcers who think they’re funny and the complete Disneyfication of what once was tradition and honor, that it’s hard to remember when the game was the most important thing. Thurman Munson was old school, porn ‘stache and all – he played the game hard, was loved by his fans, feared by his opponents and respected by everyone. R.I.P., Captain.

Thurman’s memorial site

Munson info on Wikipedia

A survivor of that crash told his story on the twenty-fifth anniversary.

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