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Stand Up Wit…Eddie Gossling

"Yeah, but this idiot has a clown suit!"

"Yeah, but this idiot has a clown suit!"

I’ve dropped a clip or two from Eddie Gossling on you over the past few months, but now I’m here to tell you to get your wallet out and buy his latest CD. It’s one of the funniest albums I have heard in a long time.

The audience is in hysterics throughout and rightfully so – everything works. New parent jokes, porn, grappling with technology, quitting shitty jobs, using rap songs to get some…hell, even the dick jokes are great. His animated voice just adds fuel to the fire – the clown accountant bit is killer as is the brilliant reading of The Lord’s Prayer as a Hobbit. I’ve heard some bits before but they were tweaked and funnier, and the performance (and callback) of the title piece from his prior CD Fresh Brewed Eddie is flat out priceless.

Production can make or break a comedy album – some sound like they’re recorded in a wind tunnel, or the audience is so far removed the CD sounds like a studio recording. More often than not an underwhelming job of miking will let a clinked glass or audience guffaw drown out a killer punch line of follow-up. The sound on this CD is pristine – you feel like you’re sitting in the club with the audience, and every nuance is well balanced (when a couple of audience members interact, you don’t miss a thing). Kudos to producer Joel Hass.

But what’s more important is the content, and Gossling was on that night at The D.C. Improv. He’s got a wealth of rapid-fire bits, segues beautifully and is fast on his feet. Early in the show, he interacts with a couple of people in the audience and when they retort with a bit of fibbing, he pounces on them to the delight of the crowd. But even better, he doesn’t let them off the hook all evening, even working them into other bits. Genius.

Live at the DC Improv 4-5-08 is available through iTunes or you can grab it from the Hahaas website. It’s a no-brainer recommendation and funny enough for repeated plays, and no doubt you’ll be turning your friends onto it afterwards.

Eddie Gossling’s website.

Fresh Brewed Eddie available from DC Improv.

A mashup of Gossling routines.

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