Stand Up Wit…Joe Bublewicz

They Spelled Joisey Wrong

"Trust me, her browser's not going to be touching your cookies anytime soon."

 Just like there’s something in the ocean’s waves that make California Girls look so fine, there’s something in the water in New Jersey that breeds funny comics. (Actually, there are a lot of things in the water in New Jersey, from car skeletons to missing government witnesses, but that’s a story for another day). Joe Bublewicz is no exception, and his CD What’d Ya Expect is very, very good.

With a name like Bublewicz (BUBble-wits) you can safely assume two things – Joe will milk it for laughs, and he won’t be the first to do so. Indeed, within the first minute of the CD you know that you’re dealing with a clever guy when he takes an simple joke and drills down not one but two levels:

“My first day in preschool I was a little nervous being away from home for the first time; ended up having a little accident in my pants….first day of the year I was known as ‘Joe Bubbleshits’…(laughter)…you wouldn’t think a teacher’s supposed to use that kind of language, either…(more laughter)…ah, those crazy nuns…”

The set on this CD is roughly thirty minutes, but Bublewicz’ delivery is so rapid fire and the routines so funny, there are more laughs per routine than most. He covers some common topics like unwanted early maid service, computer problems, relationships, travel, and of course, New Jersey. But he’s got some great unique takes, like how it’s frustrating when your computer keeps asking you “are you sure” before you are permitted to perform an action, but that safeguard could help stupid men before they say the wrong thing to their wives. Or how to flip the association between maturity and foul language…the literal interpretaion of warning labels…and the misadventures of hunting a voice-throwing cricket. Most are quick and obvious, but if you’re not catching on (like the great Althezimers’ joke he opens with) he’ll be sure to let you know – ping – and then he’s in the next bit before you can breathe.

The CD was recorded in a club in Pennsylvania (not identified) in front a great crowd. Bublewicz does have the luxury of tagging with a bachelorette party, which gives him some great setups for the longest routine about relationships. It’s the highlight of the album, including bits about the difference between guys and girls when rescuing a drunk friend, and why you should never ask for help in the feminine products aisle.

I can’t find a clip of Joe online, but his voice drips with sarcasm and he’s lightning quick; I’ll bet his facial expressions make this material even funnier. But trust me, you will laugh your ass off at this one.

Joe’s website

Joe’s CD on CDBaby

An older CD available only in digital download.

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One response to “Stand Up Wit…Joe Bublewicz

  1. mary allen

    OMG Joe ! It is you! I am thrilled you made it!!! I knew it WAY back! You were the funniest guy I knew! I would love to get out & see you some time.
    I’ve been “Busy”! as they say in Jersey. LOL
    I am Thrilled for you.

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