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If You Are Emailing Me…

…be advised that Microsoft just stopped supporting certain email transfer protocols as of September 1st…including mine. There’s a service request in, there’s a queue, and there’s apparently a lot of people cast adfift in the same rowboat. Hopefully this is a 24 hour inconvenience, because not getting email is…really weird.

i hate computers

Can’t blame MS, they did send notices that they might pull the plug, but since they’ve been giving certain programs a stay of execution for years, deadlines have always come and gone. Just goes to show that even Big Brother is getting nipped by the economic downturn.

Me? I was just caught napping, and I am far from alone. Their tech support people must feel like retail staff on Black Friday. So while I wait for the cavalry, I’ll just have to upload the site content manually. (Excuse me while I limber up.)

And don’t worry – I’m frustrated, but I know the difference between a slight inconvenience and a real problem.

(Update: As of September 3rd I am up and running again, albeit knowing I have to migrate to a new email program.)

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