Stand Up Wit…Dana Gould

Not crossing, but jumping the line.

Not crossing, but jumping the line.

I’ve enjoyed Dana Gould’s quirky and bold humor for a long time. A fixture on the alternative comedy scene (think Patton Oswalt or Mr. Show), Gould blends subversive observational humor with deeply personal confessional rants, resulting in a performance that is hilariously funny but occasionally disturbing and uncomfortable. I treasure his first CD Funhouse, and had long held out hope that he would take time away from a seven year career as a Simpsons writer to bless us with a follow-up album. Lo and behold, it took over a decade, but Let Me Put My Thoughts In You is finally here, and yes, it was worth the wait.

Dana on Kimmel performing some of the new bits.

Gould has always maintained a pulse as a stand-up despite the other career and family obligations, although more to keep his chops sharp than to circle the country in a conventional tour. As a seasoned writer/performer, his segues are sharp and logical but not blatant. It’s as if an initial barstool conversation gradually gets more perverse and then goes off the rails (with you hanging on by a chin strap, of course).

There’s a brief interview/conversation between Gould and director Bob Odenkirk that is more revealing than you would expect it to be, and provides insight into his thought process.  Dana Gould’s humor is not for everyone, but then again…what is?

Read my full review at Blurt Online.

Dana Gould

“I thought it took time to become a bum?”

Dana’s website

Dana on MySpace

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