T.G.I.F. – 9/11

Thank God it's Friday. But Never Forget.

Thank God it's Friday...but Never Forget.

I normally alter between comedy and music links on Fridays, but today I prefer to honor the memory of the civilians and rescue workers who lost their lives eight years ago. If you didn’t lose someone, you probably know somebody who did. I often sign off on the Friday columns by saying that life is short, savor the moments and laugh every day. It’s not always easy. Today will be one of the hard ones.

If nothing else, maybe give people a little more space today, the benefit of the doubt. Keep your anger, frustration or impatience in check. Let the little things slide. In the main scheme of things, all that day-to-day pettiness doesn’t mean a thing.

Sometimes it takes a big jolt to give us perspective. We came together as a nation that day; race, creed, gender, age and other dividers were tabled because we shared a moment, albeit a horrible one. There was a pervasive sense of humanity in the following days and weeks, and it’s sad that over time it eventually diluted and faded away, and things went back to what we have come to accept as normal.

We’re better than that. Let’s pick up where we left off. Maybe it starts with charity. Maybe it starts with a simple thing like common courtesy. But it needs to start with something.

Find your something. Today’s the day.

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