Two Sides To Every Con

No longer seeing things clearly.

No longer seeing things clearly.

There’s been a ton of press this year about Phil Spector’s conviction and Michael Jackson’s death, and like many of you I have probably plowed through too much of it. Frankly, I’m almost numb to the overkill, and that includes my own screeds on the two pop legends. Both contributed much to the entertainment world, but as people, Jacko and Phil apparently were first-class nutjobs.

But when perusing one of the magazines I write for, I can across two features that somehow view the celebrity behavior issue from a similar angle as well as a polar opposite one. I found both pieces well-written and thought-provoking, although frankly I don’t want to be provoked into discussing either person any more than I have to.

So I figure if you stop here a lot and enjoy my writing, you might enjoy these pieces as well…

The Ultimate Price

King of Hype

(Do Not!) Smell The Glove

(Do Not!) Smell The Glove


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