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New Album! The Shazam

Meteor? Or "meatier"?

Meteor? Or "meatier"?

The Shazam is back with their first studio album in several years!

Still mining the cave of The Who, The Move, Cheap Trick and similar crunchy power pop rockers, the speakers are rattling the moment the virtual needle drops on the opening cut “So Awesome”.

Fans of the band will no doubt be delighted by the sonic assault that is most of Meteor. I still think their self-titled debut and Godspeed The Shazam are their best work, but there are certainly moments here that shine brightly. Your mileage may vary. Read my full review at BLURT.

The Shazam

Sorta video for “So Awesome”

The Shazam website.

The Shazam on MySpace.

Not Lame Recordings.


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