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Dancing With The Devil

No Fees

Remember when going to shows was a simple thing? Buy your ticket for a few bucks, no service charge, no special taxes, no convenience fee? (The latter is my favorite, where I can print the ticket out on my printer using my paper and my ink and they still charge me money.)

Monopolies suck. And once the concert industry was invaded by every bloodsucking organization from concession companies to ticket brokers, two things happened overnight: prices shot skyward, and it was more about the business than the band. Inflation aside, how does a $50 or $75 or $100 ticket make frequent concert-going affordable? How about that $30 cotton t-shirt? If you do score a good seat, you’re as likely to sit next to some loudmouth, Blackberry-waving asshole who barely knows the group as you are to share the moment with another true fan.

But every so often one of these monoliths will do something right (whether or not for the right reason). This Wednesday is no-fee day on club tickets and a chance to meet and greet certain bands at certain venues, plus a chance to win a free pass for a year to each of their venues.

Maybe Satan is just doing a one-day money grab because times are tight. Maybe it’s a marketing test to see how many dogs run when Pavlov’s bell (actually, a metronome) goes off. Maybe they’re actually trying to do the right thing. Who knows? But since I go to shows and you go to shows, I’ll pass this along to you for no other reason than you might save some money. And if this will in any way get people out to clubs to see smaller bands who really need the support, that is a good result.

I do not endorse nor do I support companies like Ticketmaster or Live Nation; I’m just sharing the information. Good luck, and watch your back…

nice to meetcha

This Wednesday Live Nation gives fans ultimate access to some of their favorite bands when for one day only every single fan who buys a ticket to a Live Nation club show is automatically entered to win an Ultimate Access Pass to the venue for which they bought their ticket.  The Ultimate Access Pass is Live Nation’s golden ticket, good for admission to every single show in 2010 to an individual Live Nation venue.   Every Live Nation club venue will have an Ultimate Access winner, with the names of winners posted on LiveNation.com Thursday morning at 12 Noon Eastern time.  On Ultimate Access Wednesday every single ticket will be available at reduced cost as Live Nation drops the service fee on hundreds of thousands of tickets in its club venues across the country for one day only.

In addition to offering the concert goers the chance to win the Ultimate Access Pass, Live Nation is bringing music fans and their favorite bands closer together by hosting fan-and-band meet and greets at venues across the country.  Bands will spend the afternoon meeting fans, taking pictures and answering questions.  The box offices at Live Nation clubs will be open on Wednesday afternoon, selling no service fee tickets to all scheduled events.  All fans purchasing tickets at the box office on Wednesday will also be entered to win the Ultimate Access Pass for that club.

It all happens Wednesday, October 28th as Live Nation drops the service fee on hundreds of thousands of tickets in its club venues across the country.  In addition to the onsite meet and greets, the No Service Fee offer will also be available at Live Nation for 24 hours beginning at 12:01 a.m. local time on Wednesday, October 28th on participating shows.

Money To Burn

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