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The Prisoner. Number 2?

Prisoner original

Will TV leave nothing alone?

So you say TV isn’t out of fresh ideas? More thinly veiled copies of worthless reality shows? Cloning lawyer and cop shows with a rubber stamp? Five nights of Jay Leno is new because you moved it up ninety minutes? And now, a remake of The Prisoner, one of the most classic series in television history?

Is nothing sacred? What’s next, The New Avengers? Oh…

Prisoner remake

Little pink houses for you and me

But here we are, and over the next few nights we’ll see whether Sir Ian McKellen and Jim Caveizel can pull off the impossible by raising the bar. At least we know the special effects have a shot at being better.

It will be interesting to see how this holds up, especially since the overlying mystery of the original was trying to figure out WTF was going on. At least we can hope Caviezel doesn’t get subjected to another beating like this one.

Well, since AMC is jamming six episodes in three days, we’ll know soon. Ironically Patrick McGoohan wanted the original series to be a seven-episode arc but the network wouldn’t fund and promote it unless it was longer. The original Number 6 died last January, so we’ll never know his take on the results of this new effort.

Info on both shows at The Prisoner Appreciation Society.

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