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Show of the Year?

I'm gonna do me some prowlin'

I’m shuffling off to Buffalo (NY) to bear witness, to testify, to have my head dipped in the Baptismal pool of garage and punk and pure unadulterated genius that is The Reigning Sound. The combination of great band and great club (Mohawk Place) should make sparks fly with abandon.

I could listen to Greg Cartwright’s songs all day long – they resonate whether he’s playing a solo set or rocking the house with the band (David Wayne Gay on bass, Lance Willie on drums and the amazing Dave Amels on organ). In an era where the record industry machine is collapsing, they are a reminder of what rock’n’roll was supposed to be about all along. High expectations? You bet!

But I have a feeling they will vault that high bar and slam dunk my melon.

Stay tuned.

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