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Louie – Lucky Again

On a roll. Like buttah!

Louis C.K. is on fire this year. Still rolling through his most prolific period of writing and performing, he’s recorded a two-disc version of his 2009 show Hilarious earlier this year. That’s coming out soon even though people are still discovering 2008’s Chewed Up and 2007’s Shameless. That’s three solid new shows in three years while managing to juggle all his other activities.

And as previously announced, Louis signed a deal for a new show on the FX network. It’s never going to be as permissive as pay cable, where Louis was able to float scenes like this classic on Lucky Louie. But damned if FX hasn’t been pushing the boundaries of basic cable as far as they can stretch with Sons of Anarchy and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. (FX has to be my favorite network right now when you factor in Damages and six seasons of Rescue Me. Even The League is growing on me a bit, and the upcoming Archer looks great!).

And today, Louis launched his own plug for the show. This is just too funny. Warning: NSFW (of course).

HBO never should have cancelled Lucky Louie. But now that Louis C.K. is lucky enough to have another shot, here’s hoping FX has bigger stones than HBO did. I can’t imagine the new show having a better cast than he did before, but he has the golden touch right now and I would not bet against him.Watch for Louie in the Spring of 2010 on FX.

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