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It's not about fame

Thankful for my parents, who knew that transistor radio was under the pillow but let it slide.

Thankful for my friends, who engaged in thousands of musical discussions over the years, especially the ones who said “you know, you really should write this down…”

Thankful for the countless comics and artists and musicians I’ve met or talked to over the years for sharing their gift and allowing a peek inside their world.

Thankful for the opportunities I’ve had inside and outside the industry, the people I’ve met and worked with and the ability to connect and share the inspiration that art brings to those who let it.

Thankful for having a sense of humor to deal with the rough times and the absurdities of life.

And above all, thankful for my familyfor everything.

Life is short and we take things for granted, sometimes despite best intentions. Slow down a minute and take a good look around.

Even during times of personal loss and sorrow, there are truly things to be thankful for…so that’s what I’m going to do today. I hope if you are in that space, you will find that peace as well.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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