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Stand Up Wit…Adam Hunter

Just need drugs and rock'n'roll now...

Adam Hunter is a hyperkinetic comic with a bucket full of quick set ups and jokes, so like they say about the weather in Florida, if you don’t like it, just wait a minute. He’s sophomoric and crude, and without schtick or gimmicks – his routine hits upon familiar topics like sex, family, getting wasted and getting laid. You might recognize him from Season 6 of Last Comic Standing…in which case you might also recognize some of the jokes on this CD.

The forty-five minute set was taped in Oklahoma City (which explains the slam at Kansas) in front of a game and lively audience. It’s pretty obvious that he’ll be able to drop just about anything on them when he spends almost two minutes riffing on and about a couple of large-breasted women in the crowd. He must be a pretty charming guy in person, though, because he not only gets the women to stand up and pirouette, but later entices a woman to identify herself as the prototypical “fat white chick” to support the joke. But he’s quick on his feet and adept at keeping everyone involved, whether the Garth Brooks lookalike or the one person who got his Topanga reference.

Not everything works here – there are quite a few groaners (and the audience does groan) but Hunter is shooting jokes off a mile a minute like he just chugged a few Red Bulls prior to the set.  There are sections of the set where he nails several themed jokes in a row (“So Broke”, “Prescription Drugs”, “Girlfriends”, “Strip Clubs”) and shows you how good he can be when the material is that well structured. Those quick one and two-line jokes about G.I.L.F.s, porn sponsors, and turtleneck condoms are much funnier than the pandering bits about racial stereotypes or huge knockers. But in fairness, the crowd followed him everywhere – different strokes, etc.

Being Adam Hunter won’t make my best-of list, nor will it be among the ones in heavy repeat rotation. But for what it is – a fast and lively comedy set that gets people laughing – Hunter hit his target.  The strengths the Last Comic Standing judges identified – hits the ground running, punches through the groaners, good thread of personal material through the set – are the same qualities I liked here.

Like musicians, comics often can spend a lifetime creating their first successful routines. I’ll be interested to see how good of a writer Hunter becomes going forward, and whether his material can match his energy.

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Horny? Apparently so.

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