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Made It Ma! Top of the World!

Don't worry - it's just an expression.

I’m not going to go all Cody Jarrett* on you, don’t worry.

A year ago today I decided to challenge myself to create and maintain a daily blog, where the main purpose was to write something every day. Distractions come and go, and it’s easy to push stuff to the back burner in favor of more pressing matters. But like the solo artist who enjoys the arrangement – because everyone shows up on time and always agrees unanimously – I only have myself to blame (or not) for these pages of ether.

Now a year has passed. The hits have grown every month (if this were stock we’d all be rich) and hopefully that will continue as we go forward. But I didn’t do it for hits or ads or Facebook/MySpace “friends”. I did it for much more basic reasons (see the Credo tab).

And now a year is in the books. Amazing! But just a baby step.

I’ve always been a club hound, a film buff, a voracious reader, an avid music listener and a staunch supporter of stand-up comedy. If I didn’t have to actually work for a living I’d wax more poetically about all of these subjects, but a topic a day – every day – seems pretty fair to me. Fridays have turned into a link fest called TGIF; I’ve unearthed old reviews and written new forewords, related how seminal albums still resonate and hopefully have turned you on to a few funny people.

For 2010, I want to improve. Despite my best organizational efforts, I’m putting one comic through what has to be the most protracted interview process in recorded history. But I love the guy, I think he’s brilliant – and I want the feature to be dynamic and hopefully get it published somewhere that has an audience a thousandfold better than here. Hopefully I can improve on that cycle and do more, faster, better.

I also want to try and cover more fringe Under The Radar bands; perhaps a shorter review would be easier to crank out than my more introspective ones. And more Blast From The Past stories that tie an album to the experience I lived through at the time. More DVD reviews. More live shows.

I dunno…resolutions aren’t due until midnight, right?

So as we say good-bye to this year and this decade (not the aughts; I much prefer the Uh-Ohs) I want to send a special thanks out to everyone who has shared a musical or literary or film or comedy moment with me, whether in person, through comments or just as a silent subscriber and reader.

I’m in for the long haul. I hope you are too.

January 1st is a Friday, so our first post of the year will be a TGIF for your dining and dancing pleasure. In the days after that,  a look back at the year in music and comedy…while we stockpile the first great artistic statements of 2010. Cheers!

(* White Heat was made 70 years ago.  Still.Kicks.Ass. )

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