Chin Music, Part 2

This just gets better and better  more bizarre every day.

Follow the various late night hosts ripping into the NBC execs over at Gawker.Com. They’ve collected the clips from each of the shows so you can do your one-stop chaos shopping.

8PM Update: Looks like the shoe has dropped. Whether or not Leno is back in at 11:30 is up for debate, but he’s definitely not going to be on at 10pm anymore. This is getting lawyerugly.

As hilarious as this is to follow on a daily basis, I can only imagine what Ricky Gervais has in store for us when he hosts the Golden Globes on Sunday.

(You know…on NBC?)

NBC? He's ready to eat them alive.

Here are the Golden Globe nominations. I’ll have my picks Friday.

Rope of Silicon is tracking all the award winners.

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