Stand Up Wit…Aziz Ansari

He's the shorter one.

Aziz Ansari is on a roll. This week sees the release of his first stand-up CD  entitled Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening; the special of the same name premieres tonight at 10:00pm EST on Comedy Central.  

Ansari has been getting a lot of buzz recently thanks to a breakout year. His performance as club comic Raaaaaaaandy in the Adam Sandler / Judd Apatow film Funny People stole the show, and his name has peppered countless “comics to watch” lists. His success is no surprise to those familiar with his stand-up or his prior show Human Giant; audiences are attracted to his ability to be sharp-tongued and sympathetic at the same time.

And while his character on Parks and Recreation is on the surface a self-serving, skirt-chasing weasel, this season the writers have given him an opportunity to show that there is a heart underneath the bravado of Tom Haverford…and he nailed it. 

So I’m thrilled that Aziz is getting a highly promoted special and CD/DVD release, because Intimate Moments is really strong. His presentation is energetic and it’s clear the audience is having as much fun as he is and are fully on board even though most of the routines are the antithesis of one-liners or observational comedy. His stories center around personal experiences that sprout from his celebrity status but completely avoid ethnic pandering and self-worship. It’s Aziz lifting the curtain and saying to us “can you believe this shit?” as he riffs on Kanye West and R. Kelly, pranking his cousin Harris, redneck cruises, skanky reality shows,  and why Craigslist is even sicker than you thought. The upcoming DVD will have some bonus footage of Aziz as Raaaaaaaandy as well as a thirty minute show filmed at the UCB (Upright Citizen’s Brigade) Theatre from last November. 

Looks like the new year and new decade of comedy is off to a flying start; I have no qualms about tagging this one a Best of 2010 contender only two weeks into the year. 

Aziz Ansari website

Funny or Die Raaaaaaaandy mockumentary parts one, two and three

Where are those punk ass book jockeys?


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4 responses to “Stand Up Wit…Aziz Ansari

  1. Hi, drbristol.
    It’s beccaBeccaBECCA from AST. Decided to check out your blog.
    It’s gooood.

    Many pats to the back and rump for you.

  2. drbristol

    Thanks for swinging by, b-B-B! Patting myself on the back gets tiresome and patting my own rump…well, that’s just creepy!

  3. Aziz is hilarious.

    I dig your blog.

    Check out my review of the Aziz special at my blog

    We could exchange links as well if you want.

  4. drbristol

    Kevin, enjoyed your assessment as well – even though I knew a couple of the routines (I saw him do the “Harris” bit on one of the late night shows) I thought it was still laugh-out-loud funny. Hard to dislike anything Aziz does.

    I’ll check your other stuff out – I had to look at your picture before approving your post to make sure that was the Sox you were rooting for and not the Cubs. Don’t want any chance of that goat curse seeping in over here.

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