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The Kids Are Alright

They're Crushing My Head!

The Kids in the Hall are back!

I mentioned a while back that The Kids in the Hall were going to have an eight-part miniseries on CBC television, and sure enough Death Comes To Town is up and running. So far two episodes have been aired and you can watch them online here. For some reason CBC has the show coded as a family comedy, despite this promotional blurb:

Fifteen years after “The Kids in the Hall” aired on CBC Television, the five original members of the Canadian sketch comedy team have reassembled in North Bay, Ont., to shoot an eight-part TV series. “Death Comes to Town” will premiere on CBC in January.

The series is about a killing spree in a small town and the trial that follows. It opens with the character of Death, played by Mark McKinney, getting off a Greyhound bus.

“It’s our version of comedy… with a whodunit as the engine,” Kids co-founder Bruce McCulloch told CBC Radio’s cultural affairs program Q from North Bay on Friday. The troupe’s five members — Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, McCulloch, McKinney and Scott Thompson — reunited at Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival in 2007 and toured across North America last year. “We never broke up,” McCulloch said. “We just didn’t do anything.”

Initial feedback seems to be that they are still getting their footing; the first episodes have some good parts but are not yet on par with their classic sketch comedy. Thank God they’re not on NBC or they would be already cancelled and replaced by Jay Leno.

WaitaminuteNBC does need something to run at 10:00. Hmmmm….

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