Groundhog Day: Here We Go Again?







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4 responses to “Groundhog Day: Here We Go Again?

  1. I just finished watching Season 5 via Netflix – so I think I’m an entire season behind. Unfortunately, they don’t have Season 6 up yet so I can’t catch up to watch the new season. Season 5 was pretty spectacular though in my book!

  2. drbristol

    Bad News: Unless (like some characters on LOST) you are time traveling, Netflix can’t help you.

    Good News: Moot point. You don’t have to catch up on anything…Season 6 starts tonight.

  3. okay – what season did I just finish watching? Jack was trying to blow up a bomb – Sawyer/Kate and sexy blonde woman who’s name I can’t remember were on the submarine going home but turned around to stop Jack….

    See how perfect this show is? I know exactly what’s going on but I’m still lost!

  4. drbristol

    You finished season 5; season 6 just started. Here’s an episode guide:

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