T.G.I.F. – Ten (Uh…Things?)

It’s a crazy weekend!

The Super Bowl (an American Holiday), shadowy groundhogs, pre-Olympic craziness and pitchers and catchers almost reporting to Spring Training. So rather than limit to a formula or media, how about going with the spirit of potpourri? So here are this week’s ten things … stuff I’m juggling in my wee man brain

(1) LOST opening creditsif it was a 1967 show.

(2) The first great album of 2010.

(3) Louis C.K.cannot wait for his new show April 1.

(4) Speaking of Louis, Parks and RecreationChris Pratt rules!

(5) The Unusuals! Cancelled, but alive on DVD.

(6) A great band is back together with a new album!

(7) So is the original lineup of this powerpop band.

(8) Kelley Ryan‘s debut album Twist is still only one dollar via her website.

(9) LOST Flight 815 – then and now

(10) It’s Friday, so that means John Oliver’s New York Stand Up show is on tonight! Here’s an old clip of John where he talks about Rob Riggle taking the cranky Brit on a hunting trip (sorry for the clicking sound). Tune in tonight to Comedy Central at 11pm Eastern.

Have a great weekend – don’t bug out! (And Happy Birthday, Eleanor.)


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3 responses to “T.G.I.F. – Ten (Uh…Things?)

  1. Will have to pick up that Pictures CD – 13 songs in 30 minutes….sounds perfect!

    Louis CK is a genius. Is his new show going to be a series like Lucky Louie? or is it a new stand-up special?

  2. drbristol

    The new show is about a single dad raising his two kids in NYC (or for Louie, reality television.)

    From the NY Times ArtBeat section…”Louis C.K. said the show would combine short autobiographical comedy films, about his life as a single divorced father and a comedian, with segments of him performing standup routines that would be thematically tied to the films.”

  3. I’m so excited about the new Scorchers record I’m constantly vibrating.

    I tried to get into Tsar – I’ve owned copies of both records. While I didn’t dislike either one, neither of them really grabbed in the way that I hoped, either.

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