Stand Up Wit…Dwayne Kennedy

Oh. My. God.

Prescriptioneers know I am a huge Marc Maron fan. Love the guy. Along with Doug Stanhope and Louis C.K., maybe the very best comedian on the planet at this moment. And his twice-a-week podcast, WTF, is a godsend.

Prescriptioneers also know that I have been touting Dwayne Kennedy for years. Well, today, the parallel universes crossed paths. Dwayne Kennedy joined Marc Maron on Episode 46 of WTF.

If you’re scratching your head trying to place the name Dwayne Kennedy, maybe Maron put it best in his introduction when he says “as soon as anything is about to happen for Dwayne – in a big way, in a show business way – Dwayne disappears!”

I first saw Dwayne do short sets on a couple of comedy shows and he absolutely killed, so I hit his pseudo-website which said that there was a CD that would be coming along soon. Of course, that was 2003…wherever that website was, it’s long gone. And sightings since then, sadly, have been few and far-between.

Dwayne Kennedy is absolutely funny as hell. His bits about the Bible and window shopping when poor, and young dumbasses and Jesus’ lesser known brother are flat-out brilliant. Somebody needs to go ring his doorbell, get him out to a taping and let him fly. It is criminal that there isn’t a CD or DVD out there to document what he does and widen his audience. And until he/they do that, savor these moments.

Dwayne’s first time on David Letterman and his second.

Dwayne on Jimmy Kimmel.

Dwayne’s new website – sadly, still no CD.

"No! I don't have a clue! But good luck in prison!"


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3 responses to “Stand Up Wit…Dwayne Kennedy

  1. I love this guy! I haven’t seen anything from him in years. As funny as he is I really expected him to become huge. Hopefully that will change.

    It looks like we have the same taste in comedy – but I was surprised to not see Patton Oswalt on that list. I’ve seen him perform a couple dozen times at Largo in Los Angeles and he breaks me in two every single time! I end up doubled over in pain, holding my gut, with tears streaming down my face. We actually got Patton, Louis CK, David Cross, and Brian Posehn on the same night at Largo once – my side hurt so bad I couldn’t tell if it was from laughing or if I needed an emergency appendectomy

  2. drbristol

    Not certain what list you’re talking about, but Patton Oswalt is a favorite of mine. (If you mean do I think Louie and Stanhope and Maron are better – yes, I do – but there are a lot of favorites not far behind.)

  3. Yeah, I just meant Stanhope, CK, and Maron. Maron’s last CD “Final Engagement” was pure genius – as was his Air America show.

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