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Last Comic Standing: 2010

Just saw the note regarding the last filming dates in Los Angeles, so that’s now a done deal. Prior auditions in New York reportedly drew in a boatload of names of solid contenders – both established and upcoming – although everyone involved is sworn to secrecy at this point.

But where once was a pile of tainted network involvement now springs a hope of legitimate prime time exposure for a bunch of worthy comedians. Check out the press release below – these people wouldn’t steer me wrong, would they?

NBC’s Emmy-nominated Last Comic Standing returns for its seventh season with new host Craig Robinson!

Robinson, star of NBC’s hit comedy series “The Office” and the upcoming feature film “Hot Tub Time Machine,” will host the nationwide search for the funniest comedian in America, and reward him or her with a $250,000 prize, plus an exclusive talent deal with the network. Joining Robinson are Greg Geraldo, Andy Kindler and Natasha Leggerro who will all serve as talent scouts and help judge the competition! As with previous seasons, Last Comic Standing will invite some of the best and brightest comics from all over the country to participate in the competition.

Looks like Monday nights just perked up a bit. Although the bolding of the word help was mine.

As you might remember, the clandestine behind-the-scenes manipulation of who was picked almost killed the show in the first season. If the hosts are only there to help but some marketing asswipe is choosing people based upon who will mix well in a house, then they haven’t learned their lesson. Why can’t a show that’s supposed to help find the funniest person in America…just do that?

I’m not going to lose more sleep over this; I’m going Zen. Meaning I will get to see at least forty comics worth watching, if even for a quick audition, and then twenty will go deeper and I’ll have to live with ten in greater detail. Surely there’s some comedy gold in there?

And don’t call me Shirley.


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