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Celebrate National Record Store Day!

Once a year is not enough, but it will do.

It’s that time again – today is National Record Store Day. 

As one who has grown up both hanging out in and working for record stores, it warms my heart that there’s a day set aside for the collective appreciation of the independent record store. I’ve spent most of my life living in Upstate New York and have been blessed with some of the great ones. Three of my favorites are within fifteen minutes of my house: Record Archive, House of Guitars, and The Bop Shop

Record Archive is my favorite haunt, ane everyone from owners Richard and Alayna to the crew are first-rate people. Besides a huge selection at their new central location they host artists, musicians, photographers and other creative types for gallery shows and in-stores. They boast one of the largest vinyl collections anywhere and there’s no better place to spend a rainy day (of which there are many up here). Great commercials with The Dancing Record Man (Richard); my daughter even got to be in one. 

The House of Guitars has to be seen to be believed and is a landmark stop for any musician coming through New York. When I first moved to town they were my salvation, and although they’ll never get everything properly filed in a lifetime, chances are if you need something, it’s somewhere in there. First met Greg and Andy from The Chesterfield Kings when they worked the counter many moons ago. They made their own TV commercials long before it became hip – some of them were hallucinatory

The Bop Shop is a quintessential indie store, a labor of love for Tom, its owner; also a cultural mecca especially if you’re looking for that blues or jazz record you’re having trouble finding. In recent times they have been extremely active in concert promotion, bringing people like Ian McLagan, Neil Innes and Wreckless Eric to town. They have survived in a tough industry and a bad economy because of their passion and commitment. 

And I’m sure you have stores like these near you. Check here

Quotes from artists about the day itself. Use the drop-down menu for more. 

Some quotes from store owners (including Bop Shop Tom). 


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