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Myq Dov (Not War)

Great weekend of comedy on the boob tube.

First, Myq Kaplan gets his turn to light up Friday nights with his special in the Comedy Central Presents series. Kaplan’s a really sharp guy, one of the more intellectual comics on the scene who uses that ability for great humor, not a lofty perch to talk down from. In other words, the puns and related jokes are flying but still funny even if some of them go over your head. (Which they won’t , because you are also smart, Prescription reader!)

Myq’s debut album Vegan Mind Meld is out this month as well. Don’t have my copy yet but look for a review soon. In the meantime, if you missed the special, check Comedy Central for rebroadcasts (there’s one scheduled for Sunday, May 2, at 8:30am EDT)

Myq Kaplan’s website


And tonight is the television premiere of Dov Davidoff’s new special Filthy Operation on Comedy Central.

Gone is the bed-head haircut, replaced by a military buzzcut, but everything else underneath looks the same. Which means you can expect him to prowl the stage restlessly, spewing seemingly spontaneous thoughts like he’s trying to quiet the voices in his head by getting them out in the open. Equal parts self-immolation and caustic observation of the absurd, Davidoff is wildly entertaining.

If his new show is anything like his album The Point Is, strap yourself in for an hour of great laughs, unique viewpoints and some uncomfortable stories that will probably sound like he’s been in your head, too.

(If you miss the initial broadcast, an encore presentation of Dov Davidoff: Filthy Operation is scheduled to air on Thursday, May 6 at midnight EDT.)

Dov Davidoff’s website

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