T.G.I.F. – Ten Rockin’ Remakes

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Rock music has always drawn upon other influences; one could argue that it’s the perfect intersection between the influences of country, soul and r’n’b. And many of the biggest rock bands have repaid that influence by performing those influential songs on record and in concert. Sometimes those influences were from their peers.

When classic rock was starting to explode in the 60’s, Motown was right there with them on the charts. People often forget to list Smokey Robinson and Holland-Dozier-Holland in the same breath as Brian Wilson, Lennon-McCartney, Paul Simon, Ray Davies, Jagger-Richard and other dominant songwriters. What an amazing amount of creative genius sharing the spotlight in the same short period of time.

So today I’d like to offer Ten Rockin’ Remakes of soul classics from some of my favorite rock bands. Proof positive that great music knows no color.

The Faces:   “I’m Losing You” – even hotter live than on record.

Humble Pie:   “I Don’t Need No Doctor” – Steve Marriott is The Man.

The Rolling Stones:   “Just My Imagination” – from a 2007 live show.

Mitch Ryder:   “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?” – great Jimmy Ruffin tune.

Jeff Beck:   “People Get Ready” – when you say “Beck” I think of him first.

The J. Geils Band:   “Where Did Our Love Go?”  – from the 2009 reunion.

Herman Brood:   “My Girl” – Almost unrecognizable in this re-arrangement.

Credence Clearwater Revival:   “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” – I guess you’d classify this as swamp soul!

David Bowie:   “Knock On Wood” – from the underrated David Live album

The Band:   “Baby Don’t You Do It” – Marvin Gaye cover from The Last Waltz


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4 responses to “T.G.I.F. – Ten Rockin’ Remakes

  1. David Live is my favorite live Bowie album. His band on that tour was phenomenal! Mike Garson’s piano work on Alladin Sane is stunning!

  2. SueBeeDoo

    Wow…thanx for that”! Well worth staying in on a Saturday night to peruse those and it also led me to this classic Detroit band beauty too…

    …and on and on to many other goodies of course!
    😉 (grateful)

  3. drbristol

    LOVE those guys – did a piece on them a while back. Hope they’re playing when I come to Detroit this summer.

  4. SueBeeDoo

    Right now… every Thursday at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak (the only other blues club left in the area besides Cally’s) but rumor has it they are going BANDLESS soon!
    sniff sniff :***)
    But Bobby East is playing with Reed & Dickinson and they’re supposed to tour!!! 😉
    And sources tell me Seger is touring this fall, the Rockets are reforming and touring…dang you’d think I could get a job somewhere in of all this, eh??? LOL
    Peace, ♥ , and ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫

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