500 Days In The Books

What started as a simple bet with myself has become a thing

And five hundred daily entries later, here we are! Thanks to everyone for the support, the comments, the inspiration, the insults, the challenges and the participation. I’m looking forward to the next 500 Prescriptions, and the 500 beyond that. Hope you are as well. 

If I had one dollar for every daily post, I'd have...

What else is there to say… except this? 

Light 'em off if you got 'em!



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3 responses to “500 Days In The Books

  1. SueBeeDoo

    B~~~Here’s to your first 500, clink & cheers!!!
    I would walk 500 Miles AND pay $500 for my prescription refill, for sure!
    Sooooo….did you win the bet with yourself???
    Peace, ♥ , and ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫,
    p.s. I lit off a few for you too!

  2. Bill Baldwin

    500? Wow! Congrats…I look forward to the next 500.

  3. russ

    nicely done…like Billy, I look forward to the next set.

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